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Read More on Nite Systems’s Brochure ... The NITE system brings comfort, convenience and savings to new or existing trucks. It keeps the sleeper compartment cool in hot weather and warm when it's cold outside, with the engine turned off. The result is year-round comfort for the driver, with less fuel consumption and reduced engine wear.

The time is right for a truly efficient no-idle solution With 19 states now enforcing anti-idling laws and dozens more with similar legislation pending, long-haul truckers and fleet owners face a growing problem.

As pressures mount to reduce our dependence on imported oil and improve air quality, idling-reduction systems have become essential equipment.

The NITE system combines a fully independent air-conditioning system and a compact air-heating system designed to work instead of the truck's main engine. It also includes a smart control system and an engineered power source. When used effectively, it virtually eliminates truck idling.

High-efficiency A/C system
  • The air-conditioning system keeps the sleeper area at 70 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit when the outside temperature is 90-plus degrees Fahrenheit.
  • It draws no energy from the truck's electrical system when the truck engine is shut down.
  • It's driven by the exclusive NITE rechargeable power source, which incorporates a deep cycle battery system that operates up to 10 hours between charges.
  • Variable speed compressor.
  • All 12-volt DC components.
  • Brushless DC technology.
  • Requires no power inverter.
Compact air-heating system
  • In cold weather, the NITE heating system keeps the sleeper compartment continuously warm all night.
  • It uses 0.03 to 0.06 gallons of diesel per hour, compared with 1 to 1.5 gallons per hour wasted during idling time.
  • Weighs 8 pounds.
  • Measures 2.7" long x 5.1" wide x 4.8" high.
Maximum performance
  • The smart control system features electronic variable functions for optimum comfort and power management.
  • Engineered ductwork efficiently circulates air, providing exceptional cooling.
  • A low-voltage cutout safeguards the independent NITE battery.
  • Status indicator notifies the owner when recharging is needed.Pays for itself quickly
  • At the current price of about $3.50 per gallon, the average idling truck burns $7,500 to $10,000 in diesel fuel a year. Engine wear and maintenance due to idling adds at least $350 to that total.
  • Each hour the NITE system is in use saves 1 gallon to 1.5 gallons of fuel because it's many times more efficient than a large idling diesel engine. Fits any truck, old or new
  • Owner-operators and fleet owners can retrofit existing trucks or spec new trucks with the NITE system. Easy to install
  • Heavy-duty, yet compact.
  • Entire system weighs just 210 pounds.
  • Space-efficient design allows for easy installation.

  • Available at Tereck Diesel Ltd.
  • Ideal for owner-operators and major fleets.
No-Idle installed at Tereck Diesel Ltd. Read More on Nite-system’s Brochure ...

Read More at Nite System web site...

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